Wow, that was a blast! We are back from PyData Berlin 2015 and it was such an input for Python enthusiasts like us. Thank’s for the organisation and food and drinks and talks and everything. What impressed most, explained in one chart:

the four kind of mindsets you frequently meet in your company or while talking with customers, CC-BY 2.0

the four kind of mindsets you frequently meet in your company or while talking with customers, CC-BY 2.0

Every single person there was located in the very top left corner of this chart and this is actually not representative for the business daily routine or private life. Sometimes even a colleague in your company is in the top right corner, because your idea is better than his and he knows that it will outperform everything he did, so he is willing to fight your idea. In the bottom left corner, you have sometimes friends, who don’t like your idea but they at least help you to find a contact or something like this. Most of the business daily routine is in the bottom right corner, depends on your company. The bigger it is, the more people will settle in the bottom right corner. You will find examples…


Some talk reviews. They are all online at

Felix Wick: From the Life of a Data Scientist

This talk might be the best overview over the kind of conference and is a good starter to dive into PyData.

Ronert Obst: Smart cars of tomorrow: real-time driving patterns

Ronert showed a tech demo of their backend, which processes OBD-II + Smartphone data from a car, streamed via the Smartphone app Herbie to their Spring XD backend. Code can be found on github:

A lot of startups are going with OBD-II sticks and try to make the car a smart car, so this might be interesting as a ‚how to‘.

Christine Doig: Interactive Data Visualizations with Python

Python is not any longer a language to only visualize locally on your laptop. Christine showed a long Bokeh Demo and it is worth every minute.

And a lot more! So actually, they were all awesome, so please take a look:

Podium Discussion at PyData Berlin 2015

Podium Discussion at PyData Berlin 2015

Special Mention: How to solve the copyright problem in the internet?

A special mention we would like to give to Trent McConaghy, who presented an impressive talk, where he showed how to solve the problem of intellectual property of digital goods. So if you are a photographer or create 3D models for printing or you are an illustrator or author or journalist or blogger, you might take a look at this talk and to

If you are creating a digital thing (like a photo), you can it and give it an ID. They then crawl the whole internet – and they mean it! – and find every location, where somebody else is using your stuff. Then you can automatically ask for tipping, licensing, buying, renting or call your lawyer.

Our Talks

We were there to present, too. The original talk was about Predicting Inner-City Parking Space Occupancy (Code on Github, feel free to improve!) and we were asked to jump in for a second one, which was Action Classification with acceleration and rotation-rates (Code on Github).

See you next year!