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How to use Gitlab Branches and Tags as Version inside Docker

One charming way of versioning a software is to use the GitLab CI/CD and deploy with Tags. Feature Branches will be merged in Development and a version is then merged to Master. These versions may then be tagged with a version number.

If the App will be deployed with Docker, a nice feature would be to have the actual build version number or tag as a variable inside this container to show in the app (e.g. that a customer or partner can see which version is running).

There might be other solutions, but we found the following very handy.


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  • LinearRegression() predicted an RSSI based on measurements for ITS-G5 in 5.9GHz (WLANp)

Deploy your Machine Learning Model as REST-API in Less than 1 hour with Scikit-Learn and Docker

While working on our research project CartoX², we had to deploy a Machine Learning model for prediction of the received signal strength with V-2-X communication ITS-G5 (German name: WLANp). We will use a very simple and easy to understand linear prediction model and serve an API via a Docker container. Up in running in less than 1 hour!


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